Best Folding Electric Bike Under $1000 (In 2021)

Best Folding Electric Bike Under 1000

The new hustle in the bike industry appears to be all about folding electric bikes. Every other manufacturer is trying to produce an electrical bike, which will be easy adequate to bring anywhere with the ease of putting it anywhere you like, such as under the table at your workplace.

The concept of a folding electric bike appears to be better matched for numerous who do not know how to use a skateboard however still wish to own a compact city commuter for daily usage. And here we are bringing you a list of the very best folding electric bike under 1000 just for you. Let’s take a more detailed take a look at these choices.


Finest Folding Electric Bike Under 1000
1. Speedrid 26 Electric Bike Mountain Bike
2. Shaofu Folding Electric Bike
3. Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike
4. Nakto Foldaway/City Electric Bike
5. Ancheer Electric Bike Folding Electric Mountain Bike
6. Kepteen Folding Electric Bicycle
7. Ancheer Folding Electric Commuter Bike
8. Eahora X3 350W Folding Electric Bicycle With Full Suspension
9. Emdaot 26″ Electric Mountain Bike
10. Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike Full Throttle
11. Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike
Purchaser’s Guide For Best Folding Electric Bike Under 1000
Climbing angle
Bike components
Bike wheels

Finest Folding Electric Bike Under 1000




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1. Speedrid 26 Electric Bike Mountain Bike

Speedrid 26 Electric Bike Mountain Bike

The Speedrid can fold itself in half and is a 26-inch folding electrical mountain bike. The best part about this is that it is straightforward to put it under practically anything, be it under your bed or in your vehicle’s trunk.

When we take a look at the design, the first thing that we observe is how brilliantly cost-efficient the design is. The Speedrid includes double-layer aluminum alloy wheel rims for both wheels. There are, naturally, dual-suspension or shock absorption centers for the front and the back.

This collapsible electrical mountain bike includes double disc brakes for a safe commute. The 21-speed gear transmission system with 5 to 6-speed gears making it sufficiently quick. The front fork is comprised of carbon steel and is, for that reason, a robust shock absorber. The handlebars are adjustable (3 to 7 cm adjustment range) and because this bike is a light-weight (56 pounds) one, makes this one a really easy to use– foldable mountain bicycle. The pedals are made of aluminum alloy, and the bike is made of overall long lasting parts.

There remain in total three working modes, and they are as a Full electric bike, pedal support mode, and as a standard full mechanical bike. In our opinion, a mix of all three modes would be a much better way to go about it.

The Speedrid is geared up with an effective 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery and 250W steady motor. This implies you can quickly pick up speeds of up to 15-30 miles per hour. If you ask us, the battery power seems to be plenty for an entire day’s experience and enough for most trips.

This bike features an one-year warranty for the electrical motor, battery, and other parts except for the frame.

One year guarantee on the electrical motor, battery and other parts
High-end battery
Three working modes
An economical design
Aluminum Alloy pedals
Adjustable handlebars
Double Disk brakes
Double suspension with a strong front fork


A little heavier

2. Shaofu Folding Electric Bike

Shaofu Folding Electric Bike

The style of this bike is Dolphin shaped with a wheel diameter of 12inchs and a net weight of about 12kg/26.5 lbs (more or less). The frame material is made from alloy and is, naturally, folding in nature with a folding or unfolding size of 41.3 × 37.8 × 19.7 inches. The Shaofu includes an Aluminum Alloy seat tube with an average seat size of 9.8 × 7.1 × 2.0 inches (LxWxH).

The battery charge Voltage is 42V with an Input Voltage of A/C 220V, which assists in accomplishing a top speed of 25km (15.5 miles)/ hour. The approximate mileage variety depends on different weight varieties, such as 132lbs for 20 km or 12.4 miles and 165lbs for 17 km or 10.6 miles.

It comes filled with a great deal of functions like being water resistant with the accreditation under the IPX5 Waterproof variety. Plus, it has a loading capacity of up to 265 lbs or 120 kgs. The Handlebar features a Display, and this bike uses rear disc brakes for additional control on the road.

The Shaofu folding electric bike comes charged with a Lithium Battery of 36V 350W authorized by Charger UL with a charging time of fewer than 3 hours. This electric bicycle includes a front headlight & braking taillight and horn for a better in-city commute. Because of it being light-weight and its foldability, you can easily carry this bike up and down a flight of stairs without any additional effort. The bike head could be quickly folded to conserve space, making it incredibly convenient for transportation purposes.

The Shaoufu also features a Bluetooth support system for Android 4.3 and Apple iOS 8 and above. However, the bike is primarily suited to flat roads, and not suggested for high slopes!

Bluetooth assistance
Headlight and rear light
IPX5 Waterproof accreditation
A great amount of speed
It can take up to 120 kgs


Faulty throttle
Malfunctioning brakes

3. Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike

Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike

There are two variations of Swagtron that are available in the market,– one which includes a removable battery and the other one which includes a basic battery.

Here’s a quick contrast in between the EB5 and EB5 Plus–.
Functions & Characteristics EB5 folding electric bike EB5 Plus Folding electric bike.
Mileage 15.5 miles optimal range with a single charge 15.5 miles optimum.
Motor 250-watt motor 250-watt motor.
Removable batteries No Available.
Speed variety 15.5 miles per hour 15.5 miles per hour.
Carry deal with Yes Yes.
Weight capacity Up to 264 pounds Up to 264 pounds.
Develop Quality Premium Premium.
Design Sleek Sleek.
Tire diameters 14 inches 14 inches.
Adjustability Handlebars and seat heights are adjustable Handlebars and seat heights are adjustable.
Braking Comes with an “Autoguard” innovation. Features an “Autoguard” innovation.
Power help Throttle support Throttle assistance.
Upkeep standards Easy Easy.
Battery type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion.
Uphill 83% less effort Up to 30 degrees inclined slopes.
Put together parts 100% ready to use 100% all set to utilize.

Autoguard innovation integrated.
Power of climbing up slopes.
Weight capability of 264 pounds.
Mileage and speed look great with one recharge.


Malfunctioning tires.
Not a manual pedal.
Somewhat on the heavier side.
Defective batteries.

4. Nakto Foldaway/City Electric Bike.

Nakto Foldaway City Electric Bike.

The Nakto comes with a quickly foldable style expense, which made the bike an entirely brief trip with optimal effectiveness on paved surface areas. This electrical bike became a perfect bike for taking a trip purposes with minimal storage space. You can put this one in your cars and truck trunk and take it anywhere.

The saddle height change allows the users to adjust this bike under the preferences of the rider easily. It is also fitted with a quick-release clamp to assist in folding the bike rapidly. The pedals, Handlebar, and frame are foldable.

You are provided the option of using this electrical bike as a routine bicycle in addition to with electrical help mode to enhance your speed. The battery used in this bike is 36V 10A battery with a range of 19-25 miles of mileage per charge, even with the electric pedaling assist, and the maximum speeds you can obtain has to do with 23 miles per hour.

The average time to recharging the Nakto electrical bike is about 3– 4 hours from zero to 100% charge. The charger is UL approved as well. The battery likewise includes a couple of functions of its own like,– Battery overcharge protection, Over-discharge protection, Temperature security, disconnection defense, short-circuit security, and overcurrent defense.

UL approved battery charger and allied functions.
Collapsible from three parts.
Saddle height modification.
Minimum storage space and ease of carrying.


Heavier than anticipated.

5. Ancheer Electric Bike Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

Ancheer Electric Bike Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

The Ancheer electrical bike features a height of about 6′ 1″ and is suitable for people with an average height of someplace in between 5′ 1″ to 6′ 3″. This charm is readily available in two color variants and they are– Black Blue and White Blue.

The wheel diameter is 26 inches with a provision for a double suspension system. The Frame Material is made of aluminum alloy with a net weight of about 24kg or 53lbs. The packing capability is rather great, too, i.e., 150kg/330lbs.

The Ancheer utilizes a Dual-disc-brakes system for safer flights around the corners, and given that it comes with a Shimano 21 speed shifter, attaining greater speeds is not an issue at all. There is likewise an arrangement for a front fork with a high-strength carbon steel convenience shock absorption. The wheel rims are strong double-layered magnesium alloy incorporated with six spokes on each of the wheels, which not only looks spectacular however supplies outstanding strength to the body.

The typical mileage variety with the throttle mode is 15 miles, and with pedal assist on, it gives about 30 miles per recharge. The maximum speed it is capable of achieving is 15-17 miles per hour. The battery is a Lithium battery of 36V 8Ah charge, and it utilizes a Smart Lithium battery charger. The Ancheer likewise utilizes a stable 250W high-speed brushless equipment motor with a feature to utilize a 3-speed clever meter button. Furthermore, it has a brilliant LED headlamp and a honk.

Magnesium alloy wheels.
Double disk brakes.
Double suspension.
Shimano gear shifters.
250W high-speed brushless equipment motors.
3-speed wise meter button.
150 kgs load capability.


Unreliable handlebar battery indicator.
Not a branded battery.
Non-adjustable Handlebar.
Change tires if you go off-road.

Purchaser’s Guide For Best Folding Electric Bike Under 1000.

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Here’s a list of guidelines you need to follow before you end up purchasing any one of these bikes:-.

While picking an electric bike, one needs to be extremely careful about the weight of the bike. Electric bikes are anticipated to be lightweight, and hence you should inspect how hassle-free the company has actually made it for you to carry them up a couple of flights of stairs. You should, therefore, examine the weight of the bike, and its folding capability to start with. An ideal electrical bike ought to weigh anywhere between 40 to 50 pounds.

An electrical bike will not function properly in the first place if it does not have a durable and long-lasting battery. Preferably, electrical bikes with removable Lithium-ion batteries, in our considered viewpoint, stand apart in the crowd because of the flexibility this function offers. This function makes your short and long-lasting travels far more hassle-free and less worrisome plus lithium-ion is a better battery innovation over other kinds of battery cells.
Climbing angle.

If you are wondering if you could take your electric bike on adventures in the hilly terrains, then the response is a definite yes. Nevertheless, to drive your electric bike on an uphill road, you require to consider choosing an electrical bike that offers an appropriate climbing up angle. Our recommendations will be to select an electrical bike with a minimum of a 15-degree climbing up angle to check its capability to go uphill. Although, in our viewpoint, bikes with a 30-degree climbing up angle are still the best if we take this viewpoint irrespective of the other tick marks.
Bike components.

It’s a brainer that to ride an electric bike for a longer duration of time, you need to have authentic and durable bike components. The main parts of an electric bike are disk brakes, derailleurs, handlebars, and pedals. Bikes with dual disk brakes and 21-speed derailleurs are far better because of the large power it has to roll in addition to halt it. Having double suspension with a front suspension fork is an enjoyment you should try to find in your electrical foldable bike. Adjustable and collapsible handlebars, pedals are much needed also if you wish to save more space in your cars and truck’s trunk.
Bike wheels.

Having long lasting and reputable bike wheels of your electrical bike will make your long journeys smoother and your short journeys swifter. Be very mindful about the kind of wheels the bike has before buying an electric bike. Having resilient bike wheels will provide more support body weight instead of giving a shaky riding experience. Durable mag alloy wheels with carbon frames are more preferable to any other kind of part materials. Constantly inspect your height compatibility despite the fact that collapsible electric bikes are typically brief in height already.

An electrical bike is not only hassle-free to use however likewise be quickly taken anywhere and all over. You can utilize it for every single purpose to go to your office, or a park, and even on a day’s adventure to some uneven area. You charge the battery of the bike, and you are ready to take a trip without second-guessing yourself.

Ensure to go through all the evaluations listed by us before you acquire any particular one from this list of the very best folding electrical bike under 1000.

There are so many other aspects, like considering the height and weight of the bike to match yours completely. Understand the need of an excellent battery carefully before purchasing an electrical bike. A good battery of an electric bike will take you a long way without needing to find a charging socket every so often.

Thoroughly think about which bike elements are the most long lasting because you wouldn’t want to visit a bike workshop from time to time to fix one part or the other. Keep the disk brakes and derailleurs in leading conditions to make your electrical bike have a longer life.

Taking your electric bike to service frequently to see if the working conditions of the wheels are best or not just goes on to show how much you care for your electrical bike.

Last but not least, weigh all the pros and the cons listed to understand which electrical bike matches you the best prior to rushing on a pricey purchase.